Enduro TimeSaver

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The Enduro Timesaver range represents a completely new approach to cleaning difficult soils on food processing equipment which delivers time savings without compromising on safety.


Enduro Timesaver combines the benefits of foams and gels to create a hybrid product that can be used to remove heavy soils effectively while reducing the pre-rinsing time during daily open plant cleaning. 


An alkaline surfactant foaming cleaning agent, Enduro Timesaver can be used with existing foam equipment and has a smooth appearance when applied. After the desired contact time Enduro Timesaver can be rinsed off quickly without foam generation resulting in up to 30% time-saving. 


Enduro Timesaver can be used in combination with EnduroPlus to eliminate re-application and achieve cleaner result / better clean.


Key Properties of Enduro Timesaver


  • Exceptional coverage with one coat and an enhanced cling. 
  • Foam freely rinses and collapses into drains in a fraction of the time.
  • Reduces the pre-rinsing time leading to a reduction in water usage, effluent load, energy consumption and labor time.
  • Excellent removal of protein, fat and tallow containing residues. It is particularly effective against oily soils and fat deposits.
  • Well-suited to applications where heavy soiling is encountered: meat plants, poultry processors and fish processing plants. 


Currently only available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK.